Hi Kristóf, hi Wolf-Dieter 

Just tested on Forza And espie work fine for me
I think That it's finish for cavallo if with Simplix it's work fine too.


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Le 26 juin 2013 à 09:46, xavier bertaux <bertauxx@yahoo.fr> a écrit :

Hi Wolf-Dieter, Hi Kristof,

I didn't test with USR setup but I will do this evening.
Yes, thank's for all your work for that Kristof.


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Hello Kristóf, hello Xavier,

did some quick test races with the new setup.

It is better now and I think we can get a default setup for the simplix that makes it stay on track without slowing it down too much for all of our tracks. Generating the track setups should make it fast enough to be competitive.

Thanks for the work.


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