Hi Mort et al,

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 5:40 AM, Mart Kelder <mart@kelder31.nl> wrote:
> But the thing about Linux is that it is easy to install dependencies. Torcs
> isn't installed by default either.

It is a bit like assuming Flash is installed.

Saying Mono is like Flash is like saying that free software is like proprietary software! ;-)

I generally love making simplifying assumptions, but not ones like this.

Richard Stallman's complaint is about C#: "We know that Microsoft is getting patents on some features of C#. So I think it’s dangerous to use C#, and it may be dangerous to use Mono."

In other words C# != Mono

There also may be patents for ADO, ASP.Net and WinForms, but Torcs would never use those.

In addition, C# is an Ecma spec. Microsoft gets patents for C# because they cannot help themselves -- it is what they do.

Sure, Mono can be installed easily on most (all?) distributions. But that
doesn't mean users do it. After seeing the dependency list, they can deside
not to install it, because too many or controversial packages have to be
installed. I don't think you can ask from Linux-users to install Mono.

I don't believe that Torcs users will consider installing Mono controversial. They probably have Flash installed! ;-)