On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 4:09 AM, Wolf-Dieter Beelitz <wdb@wdbee.de> wrote:
Hello Keith,
> We are thinking about building a new TrackEditor / TrackGen inside Blender.
> We have just started thinking about this and Jeko will start work in a few days.
> Does anyone have expertise in Blender plugins and have an interest?
Blenders UI is counterintuitive!

Blender is working on fixing the UI for version 2.5.
Blender doesn't run stable on my windows PCs!

Get new PCs! ;-)

Why use Blender for a trackgen having no GUI?
A track editor should define the logical data of a "track", not the graphical outlook!

We are just starting to figure this out but we will still have some parts that are XML so that it could be used / edited in 2-D tools. We also need that so that the robots know what to do. That screenshot was just a prototype of the hard case of doing it all in Blender, including a tool that would generate the XML!
We should keep the two steps, define the logical "track" and generate an environment around, if wanted.
For many cases, the logical definition of a "track" and its own graphical representation is sufficient, no need for an environment.
The current model combines the logical aspects and visual aspects (location, and even worse, elevation and angle). It is what makes making a Torcs track so hard. No one designs a track without using GUI tools at some point.
There are many programs used to create environments by "designers", we should be able to use it all.

That is fine. We were just trying to making something WYSIWYG which is the hardest case. Also, with Blender, we can write some scripts to make certain things faster. We are trying to solve the problem of changing the track format, fixing TrackGen, etc. We aren't precluding other solutions.

AND for many new featrues we should use an "world generator" (at runtime as well) instead of designed "track" environments!

I don't understand this.