Hi guys;

Thanks for your feedback!

It is important to just say again that I estimate it just a few days to convert our current code from C# to Python. That way, if ever we feel threatened, we can switch!

But another possibility: we can also switch to IronPython or Boo and run our code inside Mono. This gives us access to the vast set of Python libraries out there, in a language designed by the community, but running inside the Mono VM so it won't have the various issues that Mart and Jean-Phillippe mentioned. Now that I think about it, the problem with Mono is the MS taint of C# and the .Net libraries, not the VM. I think of it as one thing, but they are actually distinct. Using IronPython / Boo also makes it extremely easy to move to the official Python runtime one day.

Also, we might end up with a combination: if our next-generation Track Editor / TrackGen is written as a Blender plugin, it must be in Python.