> > Do you mean so that when braking the driver leans forward a little, and
> > his head goes back on acceleration?
> > I guess its possible, though its a lot more work to be done creating
> > animated driver models...

> We would then need a full 3D driver model, with "normal" vertices positions
> adaptable for every car, and updated during race according to real-time forces

Well ... the driver model is already 3D of course - I presume you mean that
its not a series of pre-animated models (as I did with my patch), but instead
its one model that is animated by the game's code according to, as you said,
the real-time forces.

I think that, to do this, we'd need some kind of skeleton system.  Even though
the driver is, conceptually, one model, it has different parts that move in
different ways.  The head should turn a little according to where the driver
wants to steer.   When the car is cornering at speed, the driver should lean
into the corner.  When braking he should lean forward a little, and his head
much more so (not restrained by a seatbelt).  Of course, there's combinations
of all the above ;)

Then you've got the steering wheel (a seperate model) that needs to turn in
sync with the car's steering, and (here it gets complex) the driver's hands
need to turn with it.  The hands connect to the arms, which connect to the
driver's body which is being animated according to the "forces" as described
above.  So you've got "forces" pulling the tops of the arms in one direction,
and the steering animating the ends of the arms (the hands) in potentially a
totally different direction. 

If it wasn't already complex enough, you'd have to take into account that
some car types (eg formula one) would have far far less animation (as the
driver is firmly wedged in place) compared to others, such as the open-wheelers
from the 1930's that I'm working on where the drivers are sitting upright,
don't have seatbelts and hold themselves in the car by bracing their legs
against the side doors - lots of movement potential there.

Lastly there's the fact that most cars in TORCS have the driver hidden
away inside a closed cockpit, where you wouldn't be able to see much animation
going on anyway.

All of which means that, while I think it'd be great to have fully animated
driver models, perhaps the simple stop-frame animation patch that I submitted
might be enough for now & we could concentrate on things that give us more
value for the effort ;)  Such as (here's another idea) ... animated rain or
snow :D

> ... Very interesting. I would particurlay love the dynamic "driver's head
> camera", like in rFactor ;-)

I don't have rFactor - what does the dynamic camera do?