Hi Kristof,

after setting USR for hartbill for Mile Speedway, and for me with hartbill it's not easy to go first racer. So finally setup is good.
Great challenge to do 500 miles on milky-five.


Le 16/08/2013 11:38, Kristóf Kály-Kullai a écrit :
Hello to everyone,

I tried all MPA1 in longpond, mile, milky-five, manton, arizona, corkscrew, espie.
For me these carset is too easy, I can pass first racer (in started last racer) same with cars oval speedway settings on espie or corkscrew ... I think there was a little too much grip ... but it's my opinion.

Is not it a problem with robot setups? Might they still use the old grip level? For me the real problem is if you are quicker than real 2002 Champcars were, I could not do that. The grip was increased to get closer to real lap times.