Eckhard M. Jäger a écrit :

Hi all,
after getting a build of TORCS-NG 1.5 SDL from Brian i will go on with my menu rework too.
- What's the difference between all the racing options (Career <> Championships, Quick<>Practice etc.) ? We have to check it!
    The help text for the entries at "Select Race" aren't much helpfull, they should describe
Championship is just a championship, Career is a mode career on some season.
Quickrace is just a rapid race and practice is just a mode training.
track should be get a location name and as an addon the tech name. As an example my
    2nd rework of Dirt-3 will be named (because i located it there) "New England (Dirt-3)"
Good Idea for me
- The Sky Dome feature should be on by default, so we do not need background with a sky.
    Track that using the background for mountains etc. need to be updated with some mesh faces
    around the track for mapping the mountains there.
Background must be activated for small configs, so it must keep the picture background.
Background mountains : It depends on the tracks, I turned skydome on Forza and not have mountains in the background
- Creating previews screens again in 512x512px so they look much better in higher resolutions
I remake dirt-2, we might call : Special UK
I start remake dirt-4 (on the snow), we might call : Special Sweden