Hi all,

i finished the SC-F360 and the SC-GT4. I reworked shadow and wheel3d texture for the SC-Lynx too.
The F360 has now lights too :)

All three are ready for checkin:


The Lynx package includes the TYPO3 and OOO texture too. It seems we have the permission to
feature TYPO3:

Robert Lemke (lead developer):
I can't speak for the TYPO3 Association officially but personally I 
don't see any problems with you publishing a TYPO3 skin for TORCS.

Juergen Egeling TYPO3 association:
Please check this out with Rasmus Skoldan, as he is in charge of the
I followed the guide of Rasmus :)

I have to write an email to the OOO marketing people to allowing us using the OOO skin.


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