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  • piriu

    piriu - 2011-01-08

    Hello all, are there any plans to improve performance in version 2.0? Acording to this topic: , this game might be also very CPU limited. I've seen some discussion about TORCS not using VBO's cu improve performance, are planning to change that?

  • Jean-Philippe Meuret

    Yes and no.

    Yes, because 2.0 will support (and use) 2 CPUs if present, one running the graphics engine, and the other one the physics engine an AI drivers. This gives up to a 2x FPS boost, but only in the cases where the frame rate experienced with only one CPU is low (say under 25-20 FPS).

    No, because we won't rewrite this time our graphics engine, which is a bit obsolete now, is a heavy CPU consumer while also a bad GPU feeder (not as bad, though, as calling glDrawElements for each triangle ;-)

    Brian already started this rewrite work (based on Open Scene Graph), and got promising performance, but is quite stuck about it right now.

    BTW, with a decent 2.0 GHz CPU and a medium range graphic card, you easily get 40 or more FPS when racing against l10 AI opponents … so, unless you enjoy a brand new bionic eye-set, things are not that bad, aren't they ?

  • piriu

    piriu - 2011-01-08

    Thank you, I have some obsolete computer  Sempron 2800+ (Socket A, 2 GHz, 1 core) CPU and  Radeon X850 XT video card, Linux OS and while it can play quite right Nexuiz, Sauerbraten, UT2004, VDrift games, is struggling with Speed-dreams, especially on tracks with plenty of objects. I admit Marek's post is a bit exaggerated :-) , but this game is far too heavy on the CPU side. On the bright side development speed and quality (art part) is far better than TORCS.

  • Jean-Philippe Meuret

    OK, understand (I'm often optimistic about the "decent" word, sorry).

    Did you try the hints listed here ?

    Some others :
    - avoid using Simu V3, you'll save up to 30 % f/s,
    - limit the number of AI opponents.

    Thanks a lot for the "bright side" … nice to hear it :-)


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