Rear wheels brake

  • Dino Ghilardi

    Dino Ghilardi - 2011-04-16

    Hi, everybody,

    -Is it possible to lock the rear wheels in order to drift? (It will help a lot in simulating a rally car)
    -If it is not implemented: does the physical engine support it?
    -In which source files should I look to implement this control?

    Moreover: In order to make easier to modify the code, commenting it with the syntax accepted by
    doxygen (see  will help a lot.


  • Dino Ghilardi

    Dino Ghilardi - 2011-04-16

    …oops: I've seen now a doxygen_config with the source files, so it seems that my last suggestion was pointless

  • Jean-Philippe Meuret

    Hi, Dino.

    Yes, in our current SVN trunk (as in previously released 2.0.0 Alpha 2 and 3), there's a working "emergency brake" feature ; look in the control config menu, and you'll see it ("E-brake", not assigned to any key by default).
    The brake force applied if customizable in the <car>.xml file ; IIRC, we only set it up for our RS (Rally Series) and SC (Supercars) sets.

    As for the Doxygen code doc … hmm, our (SVN trunk) CMake build system has some code about Doxygen …
    * but no one in the dev team actually uses it (AFAIK), so it means that the comments in the code are not what you and Doxygen would expect for a decent auto-generated doc. But please, feel free for trying it
    * I can't see any make target about code documentation (try 'make help' …).
    So  I fear there's some work to make it work  …

  • Dino Ghilardi

    Dino Ghilardi - 2011-04-21

    I found the e-brake and it works, Thanks!

    About doxyigen, to create the documentation I just used the command

    doxygen doxygen_config

    from the command-line prompt (using Linux and, of course, having doxygen installed) and
    the 'html' directory with the documentation has been created.
    The documentation created this way does not have call-graphs, that are very useful in understanding a code you did not write,
    so it is better to launch 'doxywizard' (that is just a gui front-end for doxygen), load the configuration file and enable the call graphs (be aware that this requires the 'dot' package to be installed).


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