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Intel 2011B does *not* work with the pcmcia driver.

The 2011B uses a different chipset than the 2011, and as such, will *not* work with the pcmcia driver.

Some people have told me that the CF driver may work. As I don't have access to the hardware, if you have a 2011B, please attempt to use the CF driver and report any success either to me directly, or to the forums.

Thank you,


Posted by Lee Keyser-Allen 2002-05-28

Drivers for Compact Flash WLAN Cards Released

PCMCIA device drivers for the 1-2 mbit and 11 mbit Symbol Spectrum24 WLAN cards.

There is now a driver available for the CF (Compact Flash) version of the card. Please e-mail me directly if there are any problems and/or issues with using the card, or if you have any patches. Im hoping to get some hardware so that I may test it soon.


Posted by Lee Keyser-Allen 2001-10-25

I'm a schmuck

So I have been notably absent the last few months, but I promise I will try to be better (I've even been catching up on on e-mail, for those of you who have sent me specific requests.)

This next month will probably not be the start of a whole new me as I will be out of the country, but since I've quit my day job, I should have a whole lot more free time on my hands when I get back.

Please feel free to continue to e-mail me if I haven't yet responded to you, persistance pays off.... read more

Posted by Lee Keyser-Allen 2001-08-04

Driver does *not* work with pcmcia-cs 3.1.19

Due to a bug in the 3.1.19 version of the Linux PCMCIA package, neither driver will load or run. No other versions of the package have this limitation.

Posted by Lee Keyser-Allen 2000-12-14

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