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SpectraScan ported for Qt5

Qt4 is nowadays a bit dated. So three changed:

  1. The new version is ported to Qt5. Actually there
    was not much to do. Some changed in the
    CMakeLists.txt files. A few adjustments for plugin
    loading. And... nope, nothing more,

  2. I dropped subversion in favour of git.

  3. I don't bother with Visual Studio anymore. SpectraScan
    compiles and runs fine with the MinGW.

Posted by Guido 2014-06-23

New version of SpectraScan

Good news for our Russian speaking friends. Konstantin Tokarev made an effort to provide a Russian translation for SpectraScan.

For those who prefer cmake over qmake, I added the necessary CMakeList.txt files. So now either cmake or qmake can be used. Might make it easier for windows user to compile SpectraScan.

Posted by Guido 2010-07-05

And the beta stage is reached.

With the latest change in the SimpleCSVPlugin plugin SpectraScan goes beta. The new plugin keeps all scaling information the user might have entered, i.e. if the transformation parameters from pixel positions to the spectrum axis values are available, they will be used to scale the exported spectrum properly.

Of course beta means only beta for the main program. The main program seems to be stable enough for general use. It need some more documentation, a nice installer, some language overhaul, a few message boxes to keep the user from doing things he might to thing twice about, but this is all minor stuff.... read more

Posted by Guido 2007-03-31

SpectraScan goes alpha

I changed the status from pre-alpha to alpha. The program now contains more or less all the features the version 1.0 should have. Now it is time to debug and document.

As soon as this is done more and better plugins for filter and export will come.

Posted by Guido 2007-03-15

SpectraScan compiles under Windows XP

I can now announce that SpectraScan has been successfully compiled for Windows XP using Qt 4.2.3 and Visual Studio 2005.

However, I will not promise that each and every version will be compilable under XP. My main development platform is and will remain Linux. But I will test from time to time whether I introduced by mistake an incompatibility and will remove it then.

Look into the CHANGE log to whether a concrete version was actually tested under Windows.

Posted by Guido 2007-03-14

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