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SpecTcl / News: Recent posts

New maintainer

I have decided to stop being maintainer of SpecTcl. My successor is Steve Redler. I hope this will mean new life to the project.

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2003-03-31

New code in the CVS tree

A couple of things have been commited to CVS these past few days. This includes Daryl Moulders contributions that now allow generation of Java code with SWING. I also corrected a bug that came up when the TkTable widget was used - you may experience the loss of a few default settings because the format of ~/.SpecTclrc is changed slightly.

Having a CVS tree is a relatively new thing and will probably mean less Alpha releases, since the quality of the code in the CVS tree is much the same.... read more

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2002-01-19

SpecTcl 1.2a3 released

SpecTcl 1.2a3 has just been released.


Properties of menu widgets can be directly editted and menu widgets can be copied.

Row and column configuration can be done directly


No longer prompts for a filename when saving a project that was specified on the command line.

Cut, Copy & Paste between different frames now should work.

Saving a file without having made any modifications produces the same file (except for the time stamp) so 'diff' clearly shows the changes.... read more

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2001-07-15

SpecTcl 1.2a2 released

Features a WYSIWYG menueditor
A few minor bug fixes

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2001-05-12

New (old) files for upload

I am placing the PostScript and PDF manuals, as well as the selfinstalling Windows & Mac versions of SpecTcl 1.1 in the download area

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2001-05-03

Is Tcl/Tk 8.0 OK as minimum?

I've started a thread on "open discussion" for your opinions on whether we should notch up the minimum requirements for SpecTcl.

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2001-05-03

New alpha release

I've just uploaded SpecTcl 1.2a1
This is an alpha version and features support for Tcl/Tk 8.4a2 and for most widget sets in Tk extensions (e.g. BLT, TkTable, Tix, IWidgets & BWidgets).

Posted by Morten Skaarup Jensen 2001-04-11