Spectcl & gui builder questions

  • Vladmaster99

    Vladmaster99 - 2011-10-30

    Hello DarMou,LLandsman and Hobbs.
    Q1. Are LLandsman changes to be repack into a windows/Mac os binary?
    Q2. Are Spectcl and GUI Builder going to be fused back into one code base?
    Q3. What os / Tcl / tk versions do you guys use to run spectacle or gui builder

    I am using xp/vista/win7 and Ubuntu.
    I am mainly interested in perl tkx.
    And have used c/c++/perl . Cheer and thank you for any responses

  • Vladmaster99

    Vladmaster99 - 2011-10-30

    Q4. Msj talks about tktables in 2002 yet DarMou's Windows binary has no tktable widget. And it was released in 2006.
    So how do I run spectcl or gui builder with tktable widget. Hence q3.

  • mikefr

    mikefr - 2012-02-15

    Hi, I am mainly interested in GuiBuilder for Tcl 8.5 UI's.
    The patches from me are all for the Tcl Windows Starpack. I will try to upload the file.


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