SpecTcl 1.1 for Macintosh dailing out?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Dear SpecTcl folk,

    Thanks for writing SpecTcl. It's great having such a tool available to tcl newbies such as myself.

    My one questions is, why does my SpecTcl 1.1 for Macintosh insist on trying to acces the internet?

    Bruce M. Axtens.
    axtens_ at mac dot com

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The 1.1 platform specific installers are 5 years old and and are only provided as an extra service. None of us know what's in them. If you can, I suggest using the 1.2 alpha versions - they are probably just as stable (all bug reports are on this list and there aren't many) and we know the code much better.

      I'd like to get some feedback from Mac users as I don't have a Mac to test on myself.


    • Mike Pepper

      Mike Pepper - 2002-06-05

      Forgive what must seem like impertinance; but this, SpecTcl, looks like a viable way to avoid the .NET necessity to commit to XP.  I'm curious as to why there doesn't seem to be much activity around Tk and tools to facilitate using it.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I don't know enough about .NET to comment on that part.

        I can only guess at why Tk has such little enthusiasm around it. I think the main reason is that it is maybe a bit too close to Tcl, so Perl, Python and other languages don't feel like contributing to it - they just stop after making an interface to their own language. Unfortunately the number of Tcl developers is a bit
        small to keep up with the pace of development in other GUI toolkits. This question is more suitable for comp.lang.tcl and the equivalents for Perl and Python. I would like to see Tk separate away from Tcl and be equally shared between Tcl,
        Perl, Python and any other languages wanting to contribute.



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