Mac version buggy

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The first time I played with SpecTcl, I was really dispointed.  It oftened crashed, and had zero functionality.

    Has it improved?  Or does it still crash a lot?

    - Joaquin (

    • Daryl Moulder

      Daryl Moulder - 2002-03-21

      Have you tried using the standard version with macos X?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I haven't done anything specifically for Macs, so if the last version you tried was version 1.1, it will presumably still be as buggy. I'd like to improve this, but it's not easy when one doesn't have a Mac oneself.

      About the zero functionality - maybe you could describe what functionality you were missing. I have added most of the functionality that I was missing in version 1.1.



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