I've taken the liberty of copying this bug report from comp.lang.tcl in order to have it on record.


Help getting SpecTCL working, please


Stan Brown <stanb@panix.com>


Friday 21 September 2001 16:46:19



no references

I'v downlaoded version 1.2a2 of SpecTCL from sourceforge, and I'm trying to
get it to start up (as a precursor to SpecPerl, but I probably should not
mention that in this group :-))

I've trued it on 2 different systems. One is HP-UX 10.20 with TCL 8.2 and
the Oteher is FreeBSD 4.3, also with Tcl 8.2.

On the HP machine I get a window asking me what ouptup format I wan't and
when I click OK, I get the following error message:

Tk_FreeCursor called before Tk_GetCursor

On the FreeBSD machine, I get the popup, and clicking Ok, makes it go away,
but nothing else ever happens.


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