globale variable - Bug -

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello everybody

    There a bug ... for exemple, for add 2 entry :

    set ::n1 1.3
    set ::n2 2.4
      pack [entry .e1 -textvariable ::n1]
      pack [entry .e2 -textvariable ::n2]
      pack [label .l]
      pack [button .b -text add -command add]
      proc add {} { .l config -text [expr {$::n1 + $::n2}] }

    the command with :: don't work !!!

    Have you got a soluce  ??

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It works for me on Tcl/Tk 8.3

      I might be missing something, but what does this have to do with SpecTcl?



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