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  • Daryl Moulder

    Daryl Moulder - 2006-11-17

    Hi all, I've decided that I want to take a more active role in SpecTcl development.  You should see some new releases soon based on the latest code base.

    I'm also looking for ideas on how to develop SpecTcl further:

    Here is what I'll be doing soon:

    New releases based to current CVS code

    Double clickable OS X binary
    Window Binary
    debian packaging (aleady done needs releace)

    The CVS code has support for spinboxes,  if you are after other widgets please let me know.


    • Lan Barnes

      Lan Barnes - 2006-11-17

      Thanks for picking up on this.

      Top on my wish list is not this or that widget, but instead a clear way to install widgets and emgawidgets so that SpecTcl could manipulate and incorporate them.

      This may be beyond the scope of your ambitions. But I know that, whatever widgets I need today, I will need others tomorrow.

      BTW, it's possible that installing widgets is already within the grasp of many SpecTcl users, but that it's either not documented or I missed the doc. Feel free to wise me up.

      ~Lan Barnes

    • Daryl Moulder

      Daryl Moulder - 2006-11-25

      As far as I know the only way to 'install' new widgets is to add them to the code base yourself.  As SpecTcl is written in tcl/tk that should not be too difficult.


    • Daryl Moulder

      Daryl Moulder - 2006-11-27

      As per promise new release has been made.

      Code has now been transationed to subversion.



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