Project still alive???

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    just one question, is this project still alive? I'am using specTcl and it's a great tool.
    It would be nice if there would be a Version supporting TCL/TK 8.5

    Greetings from Germany


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, support of TCL/TK 8.5 would be great!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I agree as well

    • Stephen Uhler

      Stephen Uhler - 2009-09-03

      I'm using SpecTcl with tk 8.5 just fine.  I made a small tweak to let me use "labelframe"
      widgets as well as "frame" widgets as containers.
      To use the Ttk widgets, you just put something like this in your .SpecTclrc file:
        package require Ttk
        namespace eval ttk {namespace export treeview}
        namespace import ttk::treeview
        set ExtraWidgets(Ttk) [list treeview]


  • Anonymous - 2011-08-28

    I made a lot bugfixes and added ttk, bwidgets and iwidgets. I made the menu design work and added reordering featurs for getting the taborder right. Also i changed the generation of tcl code a bit to allow reuse in dialogs.
    But all just tested with Windows.

    I would like to contribute my work back, if the authors are willing to integrate my work into these sources.
    Cheers, Mike


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