Problems on windows 2000 ...

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    as a message before, i've also the same problem. The error.log:

    ---- error.log ----

    couldn't open "U:/.SpecCommonrc": no such file or directory
        while executing
    "open "$filename" "w""
        (procedure "save_common_preferences" line 6)
        invoked from within
    "save_common_preferences "
        (procedure "save_preferences" line 5)
        invoked from within
        (procedure "mainmenu_save_options" line 2)
        invoked from within
        (file "C:/Programme/SpecTcl1.1/SpecTcl/" line 249)
        invoked from within
    "source C:/Programme/SpecTcl1.1/SpecTcl/"
        ("uplevel" body line 1)
        invoked from within
    "uplevel #0 source [list [file join $Base_dir $name]]"
        (procedure "Source" line 7)
        invoked from within
        (procedure "spectcl::startUp" line 16)
        invoked from within


    any ideas how to slove this problem .. ?

    Thx a lot

    Mit freundlichen Grssen
    Johannes Gamperl                

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The same advice applies as in the previous case - try to create the file manually - it is only two lines. Of course also make sure you have write permission. Another word of advice is to use the newest alpha version 1.2a3 - there have been no real bug reports on it so far, so it must be very stable.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        hm ... my problem is, that i haven't a directory called u:/ ... any ideas again?


        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Strange. Unfortunately I didn't write anything in the selfinstaller for version 1.1, so my knowledge is very limited. Try installing version 1.2a3 instead. If you still have this problem, then I have a better chance of helping you.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Use the enviromentvariable SPECTCL_RC=.... to specify an existing Directory...


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