#7 GUIB fails to init w/ActiveState 8.5.5

Dave Burns

Using the tarball sources for GUIB (the multi-language Gui Builder derived from "specTcl") obtained from this page:
...by clicking on "Download GNU tarball", initialization fails in response to "source startup.tcl" submitted to "wish85.exe" run from the ActiveState windows-kit named "ActiveTcl8." downloaded and installed on XP SP2 on 1/13/2008.

After the "OK" button is clicked on the "Specify Targe Language" dialog, the following stackdump occurs:

Initialization error:
can't access "Tree::Node::.pw.palette.nb.lang.sw.tree.{Themed Tk} ttk::button:opt": parent namespace doesn't exist
can't access "Tree::Node::.pw.palette.nb.lang.sw.tree.{Themed Tk} ttk::button:opt": parent namespace doesn't exist
while executing
"upvar 0 ${class}::$path:opt pathopt"
(procedure "Widget::init" line 7)
invoked from within
"Widget::init Tree::Node $path.$node $args"
(procedure "Tree::insert" line 16)
invoked from within
"Tree::insert .pw.palette.nb.lang.sw.tree end {Themed Tk} {{Themed Tk} ttk::button} -text ttk::button -image button.gif -helptext {Create {Themed Tk} t..."
("eval" body line 1)
invoked from within
"eval [linsert $args 0 Tree::$cmd .pw.palette.nb.lang.sw.tree]"
(procedure ".pw.palette.nb.lang.sw.tree" line 1)
invoked from within
"$t insert end $node $child -text $w -image [::widget::get $child image] -helptext "Create $child""
(procedure "refresh" line 25)
invoked from within
"refresh lang"
(procedure "::palette::build" line 97)
invoked from within
"::palette::build $::W(PALETTE)"
(procedure "::main::init" line 135)
invoked from within
"::main::init . $::argc $::argv"

The ActiveState kit was installed with the checkboxes for registering ".tcl" as the extension to be associated with this kit TURNED OFF (so if GUIB spawns other processes by attempting to run a ".tcl" script.. it won't work...but I don't believe this is the source of this difficulty.

This is a sweet little tool, which could be all the more useful by the recent addition of the Themed Tk widgets ("tile"), but it's an inch away from running successfully on my machine. I'd be much obliged for whatever could be done.


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