I am using SPCA5xxLE with a ARM9 of Atmel, I compile the kernel 2.6.12 with this patch  usb-2.6.12LE06.patch.tar.gz and I am using the spcacat for take pictures with the web cam look 312p. When I run teh spcacat this messages

How can fix this error?

Tanks in advance

./spcacat -d /dev/video0 -s 640x480 -p 500 -N 1
  size width: 640 height: 480
 Spcaview version: 1.1.5 date: 12:12:2005 (C) mxhaard@magic.fr
video /dev/video0
Camera found: Z-star Vimicro zc0301p
VIDIOCGPICT brightnes=32768 hue=49165 color=0 contrast=32768 whiteness=16024depth=8 palette=21
Bridge found: ZC301-2
is_spca SPCA505
is_spca SPCA506
is_spca SPCA501
is_spca SPCA508
is_spca SPCA504
is_spca SPCA500
is_spca SPCA504B
is_spca SPCA533
is_spca SPCA504C
is_spca SPCA561
is_spca SPCA536
is_spca SN9C102
is_spca ZR364XX
is_spca ZC301-2
wrong spca5xx device
StreamId: 0  Camera
try palette 21 depth 8
Available drivers/usb/media/spca5xx/spca_core.c: VIDIOCMCAPTURE: invalid format (15)
 palette 21
try palette 15 depth 12
Couldnt set palette first try 15
Damned second try fail
try palette 4 depth 24
Couldnt set palette first try 4
Damned second try fail
try palette 3 depth 16
Couldnt set palette first try 3
Damned second try fail
try palette 5 depth 32
Couldnt set palette first try 5
Damned second try fail
probe size in
Available Resolutions width 640  heigth 480
cmcapture: Invalid argument
 Format asked 15 check -1
Couldnt set videopict params with VIDIOCSPICT

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