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SPARQL Endpoint interface to Python / News: Recent posts

SPARQL Wrapper 1.5.2 released

Changes in 1.5.2:
- Implemented update operation according the latest SPARQL 1.1 Protocol drafts (i.e., switching to 'update' parameter)

Posted by Carlos Tejo 2012-08-28

SPARQL Wrapper 1.5.1 released

Changes in 1.5.1:

  • Added the posibility to use two different endpoints for reading and writing operations
  • New print_result() function for users testing
Posted by Carlos Tejo 2012-07-10

SPARQL Wrapper 1.5.0 released

changes in 1.5.0:

  • Added Python 3.x support (feature request #3022722)
  • Update handling 500's coming from SPARQL endpoint (feature request #3198363)
  • Warning when returned format would be different than the requested one
Posted by Carlos Tejo 2012-02-02

SPARQL Wrapper 1.4.2 released

Changes in 1.4.2
- Updated for working with RDFLib3 too (feature request #3117442)
- fixed bug with prefixes' regex (#2320024)

Posted by Carlos Tejo 2011-01-28

SPARQL Wrapper 1.4.1 released

changes in 1.4.1
- Supporting keep-alive in SPARQLWrapper if urlgrabber is available (ticket #2929881)
- fixed bugs (#2949834)

changes in 1.4.0
- Added some suport for SPARUL
- Improved HTTP related code
- Many other minor bugs fixed

Posted by Carlos Tejo 2010-02-12

SPARQL Wrapper 1.3.2 released

SPARQL Wrapper 1.3.2 released. Updated xml dependencies, using core python xml modules. updated support for RDF graphs. Example updated.

Posted by Carlos Tejo 2009-09-23

Published version 1.3.1

A new version of Python SPARQL Wrapper has been released.

Posted by Carlos Tejo 2009-09-14

Published version 1.3.0

A new version of Python SPARQL Wrapper has been released.

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2009-05-06

Released 1.2.0

A new version of the library has been released, now with support of non-standard grammars (such as SPARUL) and other minor fixes.

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2008-07-10

Package available in Debian

Since last monday the library is also available from official mirrors of Debian GNU/LiNUX, so it could be easily installed using APT.

Thank you to Nacho for his great work.

Read more at:

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2008-04-10

SPARQL Wrapper 1.1.0 is out

SPARQL Wrapper 1.1.0 is out.

Please, notice that from this release he package name has changed to SPARQLWrapper. So you will need to update your programs in order to be compatible with latest versions of the library.

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2008-03-24

Created a mailing list

A mailing list has been created. From today, the members of the project will use that mailing list for the development stuff.

Check it out at:

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2008-03-24

Released 1.0.1

A new version, that fixes some cosmetics details, has been released.

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2008-03-07

1.0 released

Released version 1.0 of the library

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2008-02-14

Moved project into SourceForge

Today we finally moved the project from the old location <> to SourceForge.

Posted by Sergio Fernández 2008-02-14