#18 Basic installer modifications for 3.5


A formal ticket for the upcoming installer changes:
- move the installer to the Git repository;
- remove the additional copying of boot*.efi files from the LiveCD to the EFI directory (the next command - the GRUB2 installation - builds the packages from scratch anyway);
- change the target EFI directory from EFI/debian to EFI/SparkyLinux and adapt the efibootmgr command to this change;
- replace the EFI partition size blocking validation with a warning/suggestion about the recommended size (but don't block the installation);
- add a blocking validation if the EFI partition doesn't have at least 10MB of free space available;


  • Peter "MoroS" Mrożek

    • Milestone: DEV --> 3.5
  • Peter "MoroS" Mrożek

    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Peter "MoroS" Mrożek --> pavroo
    • Milestone: 3.5 --> 3.6
  • Peter "MoroS" Mrożek

    As with the branding: you did most of this, so I'm reassigning this to you and... closing. It's practically done. :)


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