#6 more scaleline features



these could some nice feats to add to scaleline()
1) an option per a vertical orientation of the graph
2) supposing to chart time series, could be good to have every tick with the relative date/time text displayed on. The text could be shown with 90° rotation.
This scaleline could be used to compare many barchart()/linechart() placed into the cells below the timeline scaleline()

kind regards


  • tianwei

    tianwei - 2008-10-27

    thanks for the 1) implementation! very good!
    A further improvement could be the option with which choose where to place the TextCenter. Suppose to have a range from 0 to 100 and the user wants to highlight a value different than the range center (50 in the example). If good measured values are from 90 and 100 should be good to add a label at 90 instead of 50.
    Another good feature should be the option with which add more than one (up to 3) text labels between textLeft and textRight.

    kind regards and keep up the impressive work!

  • Fabrice Rimlinger

    I think this moving away from the sparklines logic... minimalism
    If you want this level of detail, a simple standard Excel chart will do the job...

    The vertical orientation has been implemented in V 3.2.2
    I will work on a 4th text position (in addition to left, center, right)

    Many thanks for the feed back... good to be challenged !

  • Fabrice Rimlinger

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