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  • sraymond8888

    sraymond8888 - 2009-02-12

    Not sure what I've done...  but I was going to try out the 3.3a2 and ran into an error installing (Runtime Error '9' Subscript Out of Range).  Now I can't even install 3.2.3d.  It seems the macro wants to create a directory "C:\Program Files\Sparklines\" which isn't an option on my work environment (everything is installed to D:\ but we can't create directories on Program Files).

    I feel like I must be doing something silly, as I installed 3.2.3d a few months ago without any problems.  I'm using Excel 2003 and trying to install the packages labeled xl2003.  I thought sparklines was able to install as an add-in without writing to the program directory.

    Thanks for the help...

    • nixnut

      nixnut - 2009-02-12

      It's not you doing something silly. Previously the add-in was installed in your windows profile under Appdata. We changed that because of a comment by David Vize on

      Blogger  David Vize said...

          NIce stuff I have modified a little and would love to see peoples variations on the sparklines caper, particularly bullet charts.
          I am having some trouble with sharing files though, has anyone had similar?
          If I pass my file to a co worker who has installed the add in,all the formulae fail to work and checking them , cell formula chaged to say..
          ='C:\Documents and Settings\myusername\ApplicationData\Microsoft\AddIns\Sparklines_3.2.2.RNO.xla'!linechart('PI Data2'!I11:I299,,0,150,G13/24)

          Deleting the unnecessary specific user reference fixes the problem, then when he closes the file and I re open on my machine, the formaula now all say...
          ='C:\Documents and Settings\OTHERUSERNAME\ApplicationData\Microsoft\AddIns\Sparklines_3.2.2.RNO.xla'!linechart('PI Data2'!I11:I299,,0,150,G13/24)
          any clues how I can stop this very specific referencing?
          I have tried variations on the installation theme including leaving the add in on the network etc. no luck. help appreciated!

          November 25, 2008 7:53 AM

      Well, it seems the cure is not much better than the disease. In non-english versions 'Program Files' will often called something else and others, like you, aren't allowed to place files outside their mandated sandbox. Just about any solution seems fraught with problems of one sort or another. Maybe reverting to installing in appdata and adding a button to fix the formulas with a search&replace is the best we can do.

      • sraymond8888

        sraymond8888 - 2009-02-13

        Thanks for the quick response!  If you asking my opinion, the sharing use case is less problematic than the can't install use case...  so, of course, I'd say it was better the other way.  A button to fix the formulas seems a great compromise for the cases where two users both want to use the sparklines functionality, but I've found most people I show these to don't have the savvy or interest in manipulating the data themselves.  That is, I'd love to have the problem David Vize has!

        What's the easiest way for me to get this reinstalled?  Can I do a find/replace in all the macros and just run the install manually?

        • nixnut

          nixnut - 2009-02-13

          A search and replace will work. In the module InstallMacros edit the InstallAddIn subroutine and change "C:\Program Files\Sparklines\" in whatever will work for you.


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