• sraymond8888

    sraymond8888 - 2008-12-31

    scalelineleft/right don't seem to work... no parameters in the dialog box and a #name error if I manually enter some parameters. Any suggestions?  I'm using the 2003 version (3.2.3).  Maybe I'm just not using the command properly.

    The sparklines work great, though!  Only complaint is I'd like both low/high dots (red and blue) *AND* the start end dots.  Is there any way to use the TAG parameter of linechart function?

    • nixnut

      nixnut - 2009-01-01


      If you get a #name error that usually means excel doesn't know the function you are trying to use. Make sure you've not misspelled it. In the 3.2.3 version for XL2003 these are named VScaleLineLeft and VScaleLineRight.

      In the next release there will be more choices for low/high and end/start tags for the linechart.

      regards and happy new year,

    • sraymond8888

      sraymond8888 - 2009-01-02

      OK...  seems the toolbar is broken...  it's using scalelineleft as the function call.


      • sraymond8888

        sraymond8888 - 2009-01-02

        Yikes...  now vscale seems to get stuck in an infinite loop - processor goes to 100% and stays there for at least a few hours (I got tired of waiting and ended the process!).

        Any suggestions?

        • nixnut

          nixnut - 2009-01-03

          The scalelines seem to loop a couple of times for reasons we haven't determined yet, but stuck for hours is something I've not personally experienced yet. I know there's an infinite loop bug in another function, so something similar might be happening here.

          Try pressing Ctrl+Break. That should stop the code executing. If you choose debug you can see what code statements it was running at that time. Tell us what module and line are highlighted. If you hover the mouse over a variable in the highlighted line you get to see the value of it, which might be useful to know too.

          BTW the mouse cursor will be an hourglass after breaking execution, but it will act like normal. There's a way to reset it, but simply restarting excel is the easiest way out.


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