#4 Heat Map Object Centering in Cell


Sparkline Chart Module
Heat Map Chart

Windows XP – Excel 2003 SP 3

Problem Description
Heat Map Object Locations
In creating the Heat Map, the location of the shapes are anchored on the bottom right corner of the cell in which they appear rather then centered like what’s shown in HeatMap Instructions.

Reproduction Steps
See Attached Excel File

Optimal Behavior
All objects would be centered within the cell in which they have been created.


  • Grant

    Grant - 2008-11-04

    Heat Map Issue File

  • Fabrice Rimlinger

    This is not a bug but the normal behavior of the function.

    The logic is the following
    As the diagonal of a square is longer than its sides, I prefer to align squares in the lower left corner of the cell, giving reference for the eye to measure size variations.

    If you set the parameter "Circles" to "True", the function will show a circle, centered in the cell (if the cell is square !)... circle have the same size in all directions, the size variation is easier to measure without reference... or if you prefer, the reference is the center of the cell

    See the image on my blog : http://sparklines-excel.blogspot.com/2008/09/in-pipe.html

    Thanks indeed for sending such precise feedback... really motivating ! Keep'em coming.

  • Fabrice Rimlinger

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    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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