#2 Color Shift in Reverse Bullet Charts


Sparkline Chart Module
Reverse Bullet Chart

Windows XP – Excel 2003 SP 3

Problem Description
Applies to Reverse Bullet Chart

When creating the share ahead of the good. The shape created has the wrong color. Whereas the Bullet Chart creates a shape with a color of Red 255, Green 255, Blue 255, the Reverse Bullet Chart creates a shape with a color of Red 236, Green 236, Blue 236.

While its difficult to see on the screen, but it shows up very clear when printed.

Reproduction Steps
Zoom in to 400%

In one cell put the following formula:
=revbulletchart(12,25,25 * 1.2,20 * 0.8,20)

In another one cell put the following formula:
=bulletchart(12,25,25 * 1.2,20,20 * 0.8)

At this magnification you should see a slight color shift between the areas considered good.

Expected Behavior
Shapes for both bullet charts should follow the same color scheme.


  • Fabrice Rimlinger

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  • Fabrice Rimlinger

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  • Fabrice Rimlinger

    Solved - issue related to instruction "tint_and_shade" not accepted by XL2000.

    Added "application.version<11" test to solve the compatibility issue.

  • Grant

    Grant - 2008-11-04

    Item now working correctly.

  • Grant

    Grant - 2008-11-04
    • status: closed --> open
  • Fabrice Rimlinger

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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