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Sparklet public server available

After long time, we have a public server available again! Just look up it in "internet servers" tab. Enjoy playing!

Posted by Milan Mimica 2014-10-27

Sparklet 0.9.10 released

Sparklet is a networked multiplayer game. It is multiplatform, real-time, 2D, top-down view, 3rd person space shooting game.

This is a maintenance release. The game now compiles and runs on modern x86_64 machines. There are also 64-bit binaries for linux.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2014-10-23

sparklet 0.9.9 released

Sparklet is a networked multiplayer game. It is multiplatform, real-time, 2D, top-down view, 3rd person space shooting game.

This a bugfix release. There have been major upgrades in the libraries Sparklet uses. Binaries are make more compatible so it should run more linux and windows machines. Various other problems have been fixed.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2007-10-12

sparklet 0.9.8 released

I made this release only because the public game server changed its IP and it was hardcoded. Won't happen again since the list of IP addresses of the public game servers is retreived from the web. I added 9 new sounds while at it, mainly explosions. The gameplay feels much better now.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2007-02-27

sparklet 0.9.7 released

The major thing added in this release of sparklet is the command prompt, integrated in messages window, trought which you can kick players, change maps, send private messages... Commands start with a slash (/), just like in IRC. Type /help to see list of commands. You can just start typing, there is no need to open message writer explicitly with F2.
Other minor bugs have beed detected and fixed. Featuring also some usuability fixes, you'll notice it ;-)... read more

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-12-11

sparklet 0.9.6 released

This is a quick bugfix release of sparklet - the networked multiplayer game for linux and Windows. It features even more server security fixes, workaround for Intel915G crash and other minor bugfixes noone will even notice :-)

Enjoy playing!

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-08-17

sparklet 0.9.5 released

I'm happy to announce that sparklet 0.9.5 has been released. This update brings you many serious security fixes and a public internet game server so you can play on-line with the world.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-08-06

sparklet 0.9.4 released

Sparklet 0.9.4 is out!!¨¨111""!

Features many critical bugfixes - the most stabile sparklet ever.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-06-18

waiting for 0.9.4

Sparklet itself hasn't been developed much since the 0.9.3 release but there have been many critical bugfixes in the underlaying libraries. I've been reported about some critical bugs in Sparklet and I found that the source of these bugs is in the libraries Sparklet uses. Some of the bugs I fixed myself. Sparklet 0.9.4, with updated libs, stability and performance improvements will probably be released by the end of the mouth. I'm also thinking about adding a new ship. Stay tuned!... read more

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-06-10

sparklet 0.9.3 released

This release of sparklet brings you minor bugfixes all over the code, featuring some playability improvements, a new map and 5 more sounds. Includes a lot of bugfixes in underlying libraries.

Enjoy your playing!

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-03-17

sparklet 0.9.2 released

This is a bugfixs release. Includes some critical bugfixes that caused crashes and many collision reaction improvements.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-02-26

sparklet 0.9.1 released

This is mostly a bugfix release, fixing some physics bugs and adding a new map. Enjoy your playing!

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-02-19

0.9.0 released

This is the first release of sparklet that tends to be stabile. There are not many bugfixes but many minor features were added. I hope that I didn't broke anything.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-02-16

alpha 15 released

This is the last alpha release. From now on, there will be only bugfixes and minor feature improvements. It's time to start finishing the game. It was about time after... 3 years.
This release brings you a ship selector, another ship and many bugfies. Enjoy playing!

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-02-06

alpha 14 released

This release introduces usuability fixes and major changes in the networking code, using ziglite as networking library. There will probably be just one more alpha. We're moving towards stabile releases. Stay tuned.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2006-01-08

alpha 13 released

I've been working hard on sparklet for last few weeks and a new release full of new features is the result. ChangeLog highlights are a new map, two new weapons and background stars. The sound subsystem is fully implemented just missing a lot of sounds. Many bugs fixed (and none introduced :-P).

Posted by Milan Mimica 2005-12-02

alpha 12 released

Yet another bugfix release. It includes some very basic sounds support I'm currently working on.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2005-09-18

alpha 11 released

This is a bugfix realse. Hope it works now. It even includes some sound support I've started working on.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2005-09-16

alpha 10 released

I'm continuing to work on sparklet as summer's gone and here are the results: a new release. It includes overall stability improvements. You can safely play it over internet because now it's immune to packet loss. Still, windows port seems to be quite unstable.
Enjoy the game!

Posted by Milan Mimica 2005-09-12

public sparklet server is gone

I have permanently lost a host for the public sparklet game server. It was bound to happend anyway and I was expecting it. Looking for a new host now. Meanwhile, you play it in LAN :-)

Posted by Milan Mimica 2005-08-11

alpha 9 released

The new version has been released. It brings you linux i686 binaries, standalone server version and some bugfixes. The first public server is up and running. I'm sure this changes brought some new bugs, especially connecting to the public server, but I need a some feedback. Please, notify me if you notice any bugs.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2005-06-14

First public release!

The first public release of sparklet has been made. I hope I'll release new versions frequently.
There are some features still left to be implemented but everything needed to have fun is here. Enjoy! I hope it works.

Posted by Milan Mimica 2005-05-23

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