spamprobe problem on AIX

  • Ralf Utermann

    Ralf Utermann - 2002-09-12

    I had spamprobe-0.6 running without problems
    on AIX433 (compiled with g++ from IBMs AIX Linux Toolbox).

    0.7 gave seg fault/core with g++, when working on mails
    [probably because of problems with db, which I have
    installed from the AIX Linux Toolbox]

    I switched over to IBMs VisualAge C++ (newest release:6).
    In most files I had to add a #include <assert.h>
    directive, but otherwise it compiled without problem.

    I  can start building a new database mail by mail; the
    problem is, that  mbox files are not correctly handled.
    spamprobe good <mbox> stops after the first of over
    400 messages.

    Any idea, why this should depend on the compiler?


    • Brian Burton

      Brian Burton - 2002-09-13

      Not off of the top of my head.  It sounds to me as though for some reason the entire mbox is being treated as a single email.  Try running with -Y.  Maybe the first message has a bogus content-length header?

      I just released 0.7a which has some changes to the way that messages are read.  Maybe that will help.

      I'll add an include of assert.h in the next release since that seems to be tripping up a lot of folks on other platforms.


    • Ralf Utermann

      Ralf Utermann - 2002-09-16

      problem was: it did not treat the mbox as a single
      message, but stops after processing the first one.
      -Y did not help.

      0.7a did solve the problem, thanks.

      I would prefer using the assert.h the platform
      provides; maybe you could introduce some config.h file,
      which all your source files include -- then we could
      port more easily to multiple platforms.

      Now I can really start with it, hoping for
      good results.

      Thanks for you work,

      - Ralf


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