#26 ReBoot warning


I installed spampal 1.73h beta.
I installed it into the folder E:\SpamPal.

After installing SpamPal and opening it, the window "Installing Layered provider for SpamPal transparent proxy" is shown where some configurations were made.

After that the Status (Result) is shown (see attached image "ReBoot_warning.jpg").

At the bottom there is a checkbox "Restart Computer".
If I click OK, then my PC restarts.

Here should a dialogur be shown, that tells me that the System must be restarted and asks me if I want to restart now or later.

I would at least expect a warning or something like that and not a reboot wothout prompting.

I know this is a beta version, but you should consifer this in the release version.


  • OLLI_S

    OLLI_S - 2007-01-26
  • Daniel Friedmann

    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Daniel Friedmann

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    If there's a checkbox which is ticked by default and can be unticked, I think that's ok as Microsoft makes it similar in several bugfix installers and it's rather common to have to manually uncheck a reboot e.g. for anti virus tools or firewalls.
    I do agree that an additional warning would be nice to have especially for unexperienced users.

  • James Farmer

    James Farmer - 2007-01-29

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    I agree with Daniel, this should ideally be more explicit. The little box at the bottom is likely to be very easily missed.

    A "reboot later" option however could be troublesome because the warning message is accurate - some applications (I seem to recall Internet Explorer being one of them) do misbehave if you don't restart them after installing a layered service provider. I wonder if it'd be better to provide an option for deferring the whole LSP install until the user chooses to reboot - we'd need to intercept Windows shutdown and launch it as a final thing while the computer is shutting down... it's not implausible. Or maybe we should just make the options clear to the user and let them decide?


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