#25 Import Assistant for email addresses


It would be nice to have an "Import Assistant" in SpamPal, that collects (imports) all email addresses from the email clients.

I have Outlook 2003 (German) and I have many contacts.
These contacts have email addresses (some contacts up to 3 email addresses).
I also have some addresses in the "WhiteList" of Outlook.
And I have many emails (also a source for email addresses) in my inbox and in different folders.

It would be a nice feature if SpamPal would be able to import all these addresses from Outlook into the SpamPal whitelist.
I read that I can export my contacts and then somehow import the addresses into SpamPal.
But it would be nicer if there would be an "import assistant" that does this job for me.

If I have Outlook than the assistant offers me the options (checkboxes) to import addresses from:
- Contacts in my Outlook address book
- Outlook WhiteList
- Directly from mails of the specifyed folders.
Here it is not enough to import mails from the inbox.
I have sub-folders in my inbox (for examole a sub-folder "Newsletters") and these subfolders contain also many mails.
I also have a folder "Archive" that is on the same level than the inbox.
So please let me specify all folders, no matter where they are and then import the email addresses from those mails.

Of cause other sources must be supported:
- Microsoft Outlook Express
- Older versions of Microsoft Outlook
- Windows address book
- Eudora (mails + address book)
- The Bat (mails + address book)
- Thunderbird (mails + address book)
- Other AntiSpam applications???
- ....

Of cause this Assistant must become better and better in every version and support more and more applications.
But this would be a very useful feature....


  • Daniel Friedmann

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    I believe that it should be more convenient to use other clients with SpamPal. One way to achieve that is the (in recent betas no longer working) plugin Addressbook Whitelister which makes use of existing address books in Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla/Thunderbird. I wouldn't like redundant addresses in Thunderbird AND SpamPal but rather only in my client which SpamPal could use directly. If the plugin could be enhanced for other clients as well, it would be great.

    Nevertheless, an import assistant for emails which could add good addresses to the whitelist (if not already in the addressbook) or teach the Bayesian plugin directly would be a valuable addition.

  • OLLI_S

    OLLI_S - 2007-01-30

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    I am currently working on an import assistant that can import email addresses from Outlook (form the Outlook Contacts and from the emails stored in the mail folders).
    Maybe I can finish it and maybe I can make it also for other appications.


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