OLLI_S - 2007-01-26

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To make it more friendly for the users show a dialoge with the email addresses that would be deleted.

Show there (in a list grid) the addresses and the number of days that the address is not used.
In front of every address there is a checkbox, below there are the buttons "Check all" and "Un-Check all".
The user can sort the addresses by every column (address and days not used).
Below the list there are two counters: number of all expired addresses and number of all SELECTED expired addresses.

Ckicking on the "Delete" button deletes all selected addresses but leaves this dialogue opened.
So the user can delete some addresses, look at the list, delete, look.....
Clicking on a button "Close" closes this dialogue.

Of cause the user can check in the options (at rhe page where he also enters the number of days) if that dialogue should be shown (default selection) or if the addresses should automatically be deleted.