#71 Outlook Plug-in / Norton Antivirus problem


I'm wondering if anyone has seen this problem and has a
I'm using the latest version of Spambayes and
outlook2000. I've also heard that the problems exists
when using program with OL 2003 as well.

If I receive an email with a virus attached and I tell
SpamBayes that I want to delete as spam OR if it
automatically files it in my Junk Emails folder,
Norton Antivirus comes up saying that it has detected a
virus. I have reading (preview) panes turned off for all
folders. The only way this can
happen is if SpamBayes opens the email in the
background to search for spam
patterns. Is this the case? How do I keep it from
opening the virus infected email?

tx in advance!



  • Tony Meyer

    Tony Meyer - 2004-11-04

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    Is this perhaps mail arriving on an Exchange/IMAP/Hotmail
    store and being moved to a "Junk Emails" folder on a local
    (pst) store? That would explain this, as Norton is unaware
    of the files on the remote machine, but becomes aware of it
    once it arrives on the local one.

    FWIW, SpamBayes doesn't "open" the mail in any way. There's
    no way that SpamBayes would trigger an email virus.

  • Mark

    Mark - 2004-11-04

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    We have outlook pointing to the Exchange 5.5 server and the
    junk email folder for the user is also kept in their exchange
    mailbox. It isn't sorting to a personal folder that is on the
    local drive. It mostly happens in the morning after a nights
    worth of emails have come in and then outlook is cranked up
    and Spambayes starts filtering the mail so it appears to be
    happening during the filtering process.
    There isn't anything in the spambayes logfile that indicates a
    problem. And this is happening on all the machines we have
    installed it on. I have even made sure that spambays is Not
    marking the message as read as it moves them to the Junk
    folder. Seems like the only way that Norton would be
    triggered (since the mail isn't being moved to a local .pst file)
    is if the mail is being opened (as far as norton is concerned).
    I've talked to another IT person from a different company and
    it is happening to them also.

  • Kenny Pitt

    Kenny Pitt - 2004-11-04

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    In order for SpamBayes to check the message, it has to read
    the message data from the Exchange Server. Norton AV is
    probably hooking itself into the communication channel
    between your PC and the server and checking the message as
    it is read. NAV has no way to know that SpamBayes is
    reading the raw data to analyze it, so it assumes that a
    user is trying to view the message.

    If this is, in fact, what NAV is doing then unfortunately
    there is nothing we can do about it. There is no way to
    analyze the message without reading the data, and there is
    no way to read the data except through the communication
    channels that NAV is monitoring.

  • Mark

    Mark - 2004-11-05
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  • Mark

    Mark - 2004-11-05

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    That's what I was thinking. How do other spam filters handle
    this conundrum?


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