#144 "Show spam clues" does nothing


I've successfully installed 1.1a6 on Windows 7 and Outlook 2010, 32-bit. Everything else works fine, but the "Show spam clues for current message" doesn't show anything at all, nothing happens. All the other buttons work, so I doubt it's the common Outlook add-in issue.

Any ideas or suggestions?



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    Anonymous - 2011-02-14

    Glad it's not just me. I'm using 1.1a6 on OL 2007 under Win7. Clicking "Show Clues" has no visible effect.

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  • Rik van der Schalie

    Same here (1.1a6, windows 7 64-bits, Outlook 2007 32-bits). And by the looks of it this issue has been around for quite some time.

  • Cunk

    Cunk - 2011-12-09

    Yeah, I'm seeing this now too. Not sure how long it's been like this since I don't often use this feature but I know I've used it before on this same system. I did upgrade to Office 2007 in just the past few months so it's possible it hasn't worked since then. My system is running Windows XP Home Edition.

    There is an error logged in the diagnostics log that appears to be related:
    pythoncom error: Python error invoking COM method.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "win32com\server\policy.pyo", line 277, in _Invoke_
    File "win32com\server\policy.pyo", line 282, in _invoke_
    File "win32com\server\policy.pyo", line 585, in _invokeex_
    File "addin.pyo", line 240, in OnClick
    File "addin.pyo", line 560, in ShowClues
    File "addin.pyo", line 528, in GetClues
    ImportError: cannot import name Set
    Hopefully that will help.

  • Cunk

    Cunk - 2011-12-09

    Sorry I left out some details. Again, from the log file:

    SpamBayes Outlook Addin Version 1.1b2 (March 6, 2010)
    on Windows 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 3)
    using Python 2.5.2 (release25-maint, Feb 23 2008, 14:19:11) [MSC v.1310 32 bit (Intel)]

  • Liag L

    Liag L - 2013-04-23

    It is a Problem with the python code, not with windows 7. I run 1.1a6 on a 64 bit windows 7 with outlook 2003.

    I have tried to debug the code and found the error.
    In addin.py the line 526 has to be changed:
    - from spambayes.classifier import Set
    + from sets import Set.

    WIth this change the preview of the clues does work again.


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