#127 Change data file directory for OL2002 not working


I followed your FAQ and Configuration guide, but trying to move the data files to a new location is not working. My goal is to have the data bases on a drive and path that I regularly back up, and also share that database (as well as the Outlook pst file) on a laptop via Briefcase.

Here are the steps I performed, as I understood them:

Created directory:
D:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Outlook\SpamBayes Data

Moved default_message_database.db and default_bayes_database.db from C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Application Data\SpamBays to D:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Outlook\SpamBayes Data

Created the file named default_configuration.ini and placed it in C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\Application Data\SpamBays with the following two lines (line after General is all on one line):

data_directory=D:\ Documents and Settings\Bill\Outlook\SpamBayes Data

My understanding was that when I opened Outlook SpamBayes would read the default_configuration.ini file in its Application Directory path and then use the data bases from my D: path. However, when opening up Outlook I get the message that SpamBayes is not configured. I thought the spaces in the directory name in default_configuration.ini might be the problem, so I changed it (and moved data files) to D:\SPAM. But that did not work either. What am I missing here? Also, in reading the posts, I see mention of a log file. Where would I look to find my log files? Thank you.


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