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Old spambayes version (1.0.4) was used without problems for years (Win2000, XP, Win7, all with Outlook 2003).

Installing spambayes-1.1a6.exe works fine during installation process. Checkbox "converting database to 1.1" was allways checked,I tried installing spambayes for all Outlook users and just for my account.

When starting Outlook 2003 this message pops up:

There was an error initializing the SpamBayes addin
Please re-start Outlook and try again.

Any hint?

Regards Wolfgang


  • AndreS

    AndreS - 2012-06-09

    Hello Wolfgang,
    please note the new comment on http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/

    Outlook 2010 Windows 7 1.1a6 1.1a6
    A number of people have reported that SpamBayes will not work on Windows 7 unless you install it in a non-default location. Installing in C:\SpamBayes should do the trick.

    My Spambayes is running with W7, Outlook 2010 - great!

  • sam

    sam - 2013-02-06

    wow, Andre's comment/suggestion worked great! thanks! =)

    fyi, i have an Outlook 2007 with 64bit Windows 7.
    it started working fine, but then spambayes started to have problems starting.

    uninstalled, then re-installed it to a non-default location, now it's working fine! let's see how it is in a week or so (which was around how long it took before crashing on me the first time i installed spambayes)


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