SpamAssassin 2.54 Released

This release (once again) is strongly recommended, since it
removes a set of rules that were actively targeted by

Download from .
MD5 checksums:

4bd944880f908b8f3b0fe81f655241f9 Mail-SpamAssassin-2.54.tar.gz

It'll be up on CPAN as soon as their mirrors update.

- spammers have been targeting our nice rules to get
themselves negative overall scores, so those rules are now
much less strongly-scored. also added a "TOO_MANY_MUA"
rule that will catch multiple user agent headers.

- Bayes expiry: some bugs fixed (bug 1706, bug 1869),
previous versions occasionally expired the wrong data,
hurting Bayes effectiveness over time

- a potential bug in stdio could cause Bayes journal data to
be corrupted by multiple simultaneous writes to the same
area of the journal, fixed.

- REPORT should use local report template, not default

- allow ~ and space in paths for Windows

- X-Spam-Checker-Version differed in format, depending on if
the message was considered spam or not, fixed.

- spamc: failures under locales where "," is the decimal
point char, fixed

- sa-learn was sending non-error output to stdout, fixed

- limit X-Spam-Level to show a max score of 100, to avoid
RFC-uncompliant mails

- Bayes documentation improved

- spamd taint mode problem with ARGV fixed

- REPORT_IFSPAM would occasionally cause warnings in syslog
if message was ham.

- libspamc was closing fds it didn't open

- spamd fails to create ~/.spamassassin when running setuid
with SQL, fixed

- removed RCVD_IN_VISI, since that DNSBL is no longer

Posted by Justin Mason 2003-05-12

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