Experience (fight skill)/explorers: nonsense?

  • gionnico

    gionnico - 2011-07-29

    About "new stuff", I think explorers experience shouldn't depend on fights,
    maybe on time on deep space or something else.

    Or .. their exploration skill shouldn't depend on fight skill (experience).

    You explore the universe most at beginning, before the first fight. When your
    explorers fight (if you make they fight, and don't use fighters), the universe
    will be quite well known, likely. So you dont need anymore their skill:

    • goto near-sector unexplored universe if it exists (level 1) or
    • goto unexplored universe anywhere (level 2)
  • mrevenga

    mrevenga - 2011-07-29

    By now, there are following ways of increase the experience:

    • in combat
    • the first ship that land in an empty or enemy planet
    • learning from a ship of level 3 or superior
    • Upgrading

    New useful way for explorers can be for discover a new planet, enemy or empty.
    (it will be added)

    Now the explore skills depending of the ship's level:

    • level 0: a random walk.
    • level 1: try to find an unknown sector near their position. if there none: random walk
    • level 2 and greater: looks for an unknown sector farer than previous level. if there none: random walk
    the explorers increase in one their value, i mean: an explorer of level 0 has a level 1 in explorer skill. A figther of level 0 has a level 0 in explorer skill.

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