#35 64-bit Windows support


Should probably pick away at this for the next release. Need compiler choice, build options, etc.


  • Jonathan Niehof

    Jonathan Niehof - 2012-06-25

    Dependencies with 64-bit Windows installer:
    Python: Yes
    numpy: No
    scipy: No
    matplotlib: Yes
    networkx: No
    ffnet: No
    h5py: No
    CDF: Yes

  • neo

    neo - 2014-02-08

    What is the status on this one? It would be very nice to have this. Are there any specific problems which prevent a successful compile?

  • Jonathan Niehof

    Jonathan Niehof - 2014-02-14

    There still isn't a Windows 64-bit installer for numpy, so that's a bit of a sticking point. It also looks like python(x,y) doesn't have a 64-bit version yet, either.

    We don't have any particular known issues that would prevent SpacePy in particular from installing on 64-bit Windows, just that the free compiler situation is pretty sticky. Feel free to give it a spin, and patches are definitely welcome.

  • Jonathan Niehof

    Jonathan Niehof - 2014-04-24

    A user has let us know that Anaconda now ships a free Python distribution for 64-bit Windows. Some poking around indicates that it also bundles up gfortran so f2py will work, so I should be able to get an installer going to at least work with Anaconda. I'll also look into getting SpacePy included in Anaconda.


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