#34 Py3k support

Next Release

This is really a multi-step process:
1) all dependencies need py3k support
2) C code needs to be ported to the py3k interface
3) Python code needs to be checked over, most of it should be fine.

Numpy supports from 1.5
SciPy supports from 0.9.0
matplotlib does not support as of 1.1, "next major release" will support 2.6 or later, and 3.1 or later (no 3.0).
GUI backends for matplotlib: matplotlib supports pyside in git as of July 2011, so support should be in there by the time 3.0 support is.
pyGTK will NEVER have python 3 support, pygobject is required instead. There appears to be some work on matplotlib but it's pretty preliminary.
ffnet has no py3k support
networkx supports py3k
h5py supports py3k

While we're waiting on #1, we can work on #2 and #3 on the modules that do not require matplotlib.


  • Jonathan Niehof

    Jonathan Niehof - 2012-06-25

    While waiting for matplotlib, I'll also install pyside on the scheme (assuming we have a new enough Qt) and test using that as a matplotlib backend.

  • Jonathan Niehof

    Jonathan Niehof - 2014-02-27
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Next Release
  • Jonathan Niehof

    Jonathan Niehof - 2014-02-27

    I think we're done. a25a95c40d0743262a33950699fd228c10c7eaa9 was roughly the end-point (working on 3.2 on the scheme) and as of 06c59378f65c77e65dc32fc7c05f8d3d044031d0 I've dealt with everything on Brian's Mac using 3.3. From here on, Python 3 bugs are simply bugs like any other.


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