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Space Invaders - JavaScript

Welcome to Space Invaders using JavaScript

This project is an implementation of the well known Space Invaders game.
The game is implemented using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Mainly for the JavaScript part i used jQuery library with the aid of gameQuery plug-in for jQuery.
I implemented the game with help of the gameQuery tutorial. I also used some images that was in the tutorial, but after editing it with some photo-editing software. For photo editing i used GIMP on Ubuntu.

I also edited some CSS templates to help in refining the view of the game.

I was not intending to release the game. However, it was just a small challenge with JS, so this just a demo of the game.
The demo is not complete. It took me 5 days to learn jQuery and gameQuery and implement the demo of the game.

I am trying to complete the game with adding some levels and fixing some bugs.

Please, never hesitate to send me your feedback.
It is my first contribution to the open source community.