Using udevil to automatically mount usb drives by UUID?

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    Anonymous - 2014-04-09

    I'd like to know if udevil can automount (via devmon?) USB hard drives
    (mostly formatted NTFS) using their UUIDs.

    example: if the hd on /dev/sda1 has UUID="FA134BF3", udevil automatically
    mounts it in /media/FA134BF3.

    This behavior is what I've now using udisks but I'd love to use udevil
    because I can configure the mount defaults parameters in the .conf file
    (big_writes, for an instance).

    This should happen automatically every time I attach/detach any usb hd:
    udevil reads the hd UUID (no matter what it is) and then mount in

    If this is possible please let me know how to do :)

    Cheers, A B.

  • IgnorantGuru

    IgnorantGuru - 2014-04-09

    One way to do this would be to pass the --no-mount option to devmon, and use an --exec-on-drive option to run a custom script to perform the mount.

    Your script can get the uuid, then tell udevil to use that as a mount point. For example, run devmon as:

        devmon --no-mount --exec-on-drive "/usr/local/bin/mymount %d"

    Then the mymount script would contain:

        uuid=`udevil info $1 | grep '^  uuid:' | sed 's/^  uuid: *\(.*\)/\1/'`
        udevil mount $1 /media/$uuid

    udevil will create the specified mount point for you (since you don't have permission to do so).

    You can even do it all as a single devmon command, but might be clearer to use a script. And some checking to be sure the uuid was retrieved, etc would be helpful.



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