IgnorantGuru - 2014-01-08

is there a way to rename files in a batch, for example adding a word at the beginning of every name?

There are several plugins for this.

Some people also use Thunar's bulk renamer with SpaceFM. (eg you can add it into any SpaceFM menu by right-clicking on any menu item in SpaceFM's menus, and select New|Application, and choose Thunar Bulk Renamer.)

Personally, I use my sedname command line script, which is a simple but powerful tool. A little regex and basic sed usage to learn there, but it's good to know how to use sed in a basic way anyway (hugely useful for automatic editing of config files, etc), and you can work from examples to get the idea - lots of sed tutorials. Also note that you can enter a sedname command line (or any bash command) right into SpaceFM's path bar by prefixing it with a $.