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SpaceFM / News: Recent posts

News Moved

SpaceFM's new News page is located here. Please update your bookmark.

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-03-29

SpaceFM On Github

Some of SpaceFM's materials have moved to github, and this News blog will soon be moving too. Sourceforge will still contain downloads too for awhile. You can read the details.

Note that the Sourceforge tracker is closed to further comments and additions. To report an issue or add comments on issues there, please use the new tracker.

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-03-27

SpaceFM openSUSE Testing

openSUSE builds of SpaceFM are now available for testing (i586 and amd64). Currently these are based on a snapshot of yesterday's next branch, which is version 0.7.3 as a work in progress (currently 0.7.2 plus the new icons and a few bugfixes). These builds also include some fixes for 64bit portability issues which the package maintainer researched and addressed (the openSUSE build system is very strict), and which are planned to be integrated into the main source shortly. My thanks to the maintainer for making this extra effort to include SpaceFM in the openSUSE repos.... read more

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-03-27


Twenty two SpaceFM screenshots are now available on the SpaceFM homepage, and a few of these have been added to the Sourceforge project page (but they only allow six there).

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-03-07

SpaceFM In antiX

I'm pleased to announce that antiX has included SpaceFM in their latest M12 test release (details). This will be very good for introducing more users to SpaceFM (antiX has a user base comparable to Parted Magic and larger than Aptosid). antiX is a fast, lightweight and easy to install Linux live CD distribution based on MEPIS and Debian's testing branch, which runs well on older computers and can also be used as a fast-booting rescue CD.

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-03-07

0.7.2 released

See Release Announcement
exec function redesign (single script, noexec /tmp ok, ktsuss2 support, added /usr/bin/spacefm-auth)
submitted ktsuss2 bug reports
additional and updated language strings including shell prompts
copy menu item now copies context
can now create MBR and FSArchiver backups of mounted volumes
changed 20x20 icon sizes to 22x22 to prevent blur from scaling
apply prefs small icon size to devices, bookmarks, dirtree icons
tab icons default to 16x16 if available in gtk icon theme
fixed segfault on open multiple files in File Search window results
completed open selected dir in File Search window results
corrected folder selection history skipping empty selection
user's manual updated to reflect changes, minor corrections

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-03-05

0.7.1 released

SpaceFM User's Manual updated to reflect changes + new Devices section which details all device manager functions

changed temp file usage for better multiple instance separation
removed sync/flush as default mount options
auto run|on unmount no longer depends on auto-mount qualification
auto run|on remove no longer depends on auto-mount qualification
added auto run sensitivity
corrected click on desktop icon obeys 'Click runs executables'
corrected paste replace with linefeeds into multi-input
corrected reversed order of files copied onto clipboard
default plugin name converts spaces to hyphens
corrected icon view change show hidden doesn't update status bar
fixed segfault on open multiple files in File Search window results
fixed File Search results right-click on unselected selects
submitted gdk-pixbuf bug 670476 on segfault when loading drives.svg 3.2.0
allow rename of desktop items (desktop file Name[locale] value)
fixed rename desktop file, extension != desktop
fixed segfaults on desktop rename / delete / paste

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-02-21

0.7.0 released

IMPORTANT: See Release Announcement
changed custom command/plugin dir structure
added design menu Command|Browse
corrected unrealized event on main window focus (directly to menu bar)
fixed xfce4-terminal, gnome-terminal, lxterminal, konsole, terminator
renamed eterm Eterm
fixed 'please set your terminal' error does not close
added user manual: design mode, plugins
disallow spaces etc in tmp_dir and --config-dir
pulse progress bar to 0% on error/about or 100% on finish
added debug info for toolbar config button
fixed invalid ->next->prev on custom separators - auto repair session
configure and debian files updated to require libgtk >= 2.24

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-02-14

0.6.3 released

updated and translatable strings - ready for translations
( see translation instructions )
corrected makefile problems adding translations to desktop files
added devices Settings|Show|Empty Drives option
added unique separators
click runs executables default to false
removed pref Show SI deciaml file sizes
added pref Right-click opens design menu
click on blank area of devices and bookmarks unselects
added View|Panel Bar option
updated distributed licenses, Help|About|License
corrected click on toolbar config menu icon clears smartbar
--desktop mode now works with instance already running
fixed item value memory for check/input style plugins
fixed key assignments on plugins
fixed paste custom command into toolbar (no Show option in design menu)
completed custom toolbar command activation

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-02-08

0.6.2 released

corrected multiple tasks listed for single function
changed default name of context|Move to Rename
removed color dialog and task list debug info

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-02-05

User's Manual Started

A beginning to the SpaceFM User's Manual is available. That document will be under construction for awhile. Currently it contains an overview of the program, installation info, and detailed info on files used by spacefm.

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-02-03

0.6.1 released

IMPORTANT: Please see my PGP Key Expiration Announcement

dir monitor create/delete cache rewrite
segfault on Highlight Bar/Text color dialog corrected? added debug info
corrected segfault on Properties|Info keypress with no selected files
Properties|Info/Permissions now shown with no selected files (cwd)
disabled smartbar breadcrumb on middle-click (now ctrl-leftclick only)
corrections to archive extractions
Copy Name/Parent/Path now also copies to primary (middle-click) clipboard
disabled default highlight of selected status bar due to theme issue
removed single quotes from device volume label display
corrected devices horiz scrollbar not disappearing when unneeded
added sdebug info for task list issue

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-02-02

0.6.0 released

See Announcement

added design menu > Style > Context
added panel bar
added status bar panel icons
added status bar highlight colors
added status bar mouse responses
added ctrl-click breadcrumbs to smartbar (ctrl-click on part of path)
disabled double-click on blank area of file list goes up due to complaints
corrected new second tab if not always show tab bar causes horiz scrollbar
added Open > Default to open all files with default apps / pre-context
added Properties > Quick > rwxrwxrwt and Root > rwxrwxrwt
added View > Fullscreen
fixed File Search add All Local Disk Partitions (and rename Local Volumes)
numerous minor UI adjustments

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-31

0.5.5 released

added 100ms cache for inotify create/delete events
corrected keys not responding: Open|Choose, Open|In Panel|Next/Prev
corrected column size changing on new tab/panel
corrected column width save
if no folder spec on cmdline, open new window of same instance
removed gnome-icon-theme as recommended dep
reverted to single-click opens multiple files to fix drag/band breakage
mouse buttons 4 and 5 on file list go back and forward
mouse alt+left/right goes back/forward
fixed New|File/Folder not grayed when no write access
corrected broken close icon on tabs when gtk theme not set
don't install mount.rules if not hal build (data/
corrected thumbnails for compact view not displayed
pref dlg removed "(applies to icon view only)" from Show Thumbnails
corrected refresh undisplays thumbnails
optional /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf to set tmp_dir (default /tmp)
added additional default key shortcuts
added item count to confirm delete dlg

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-22

New SpaceFM Wiki

A start has been made on a SpaceFM wiki here. I will be gradually building a User's Guide there, and there is also a section for user-contributed plugins, as well as any other information you'd like to add for other users. For more info please see the wiki announcement.

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-21

0.5.4 released

added CFLAGS+="-g" and !strip to Arch Linux PKGBUILD
default icons now use only gtk icons
removed startup warning for no gtk theme available
fixed repeated pref dialog save root settings prompt
added sensitivity to toolbar nav buttons and Go menu items
corrected Go|Panel focus of previously hidden panel
corrected change device Display Name triggers automount of unmounted
added bookmarks Settings|Single Click option
added shared_keys for toolbar items

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-19

gentoo ebuild available

Hasufell writes:
There is a gentoo build available:

It will be uploaded to sunrise-overlay eventually. I will add a comment to the bug then.

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-19

French docs

luron has started some french documentation for spacefm here

My french is not this good so I don't know what it says. Thanks luron.

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-18

0.5.3 released

corrected segfault on File|Root Window (main-window.c - note to self:
don't free memory immediately after allocation)
remove udisks not installed sh error on startup (vfs-volume-nohal.c)
corrected segfault on click device Properties? (ptk-location-view.c)
changed device Open to always open in current tab, show error
inhibit auto-open tab and exec-on if user manually mounts/remounts
inhibit auto-open tab and exec-on during startup automounting
show app icons of .desktop files in detailed file list
.desktop files obey 'Click runs executables'
corrected Open|Execute ignored
fixed middle-click on bookmark pane opens in tab
moved bookmark 'opens in new tab' setting to context menu
added toolbar icon size option in preferences
renamed Left/Right/Side toolbar config menus
added device Settings|Display Name (custom device name format)
added View|Window Title for custom title (new default: full path)
added toolbar config menu help item
removed "Detailed style only" qualifier from Rubberband Select in prefs
changed single-click mode left click on multiple files now opens only one

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-18

0.5.2 released

corrected segfault in devices list when changing settings with no devices shown (ptk-location-view.c)
corrected gentoo make error? (ptk-file-task.h:17:29: error: redefinition of typedef PtkFileTask)
corrected ./configure --help output not up to date
removed 'udisks not installed' warning on startup

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-16

SpaceFM: How And Why?

Some development background: SpaceFM: How And Why?

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-14

0.5.1 released

corrected syntax error in Arch Linux PKGBUILD creation
corrected problem in settings.c which caused reported make error on unidentified distro
corrected deb pkg conflict with pcmanfm-mod - rename file libmimetype.xml

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-14

0.5.0 initial release

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-13