0.7.2 released

See Release Announcement
exec function redesign (single script, noexec /tmp ok, ktsuss2 support, added /usr/bin/spacefm-auth)
submitted ktsuss2 bug reports
additional and updated language strings including shell prompts
copy menu item now copies context
can now create MBR and FSArchiver backups of mounted volumes
changed 20x20 icon sizes to 22x22 to prevent blur from scaling
apply prefs small icon size to devices, bookmarks, dirtree icons
tab icons default to 16x16 if available in gtk icon theme
fixed segfault on open multiple files in File Search window results
completed open selected dir in File Search window results
corrected folder selection history skipping empty selection
user's manual updated to reflect changes, minor corrections

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-03-05

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