0.7.1 released

SpaceFM User's Manual updated to reflect changes + new Devices section which details all device manager functions

changed temp file usage for better multiple instance separation
removed sync/flush as default mount options
auto run|on unmount no longer depends on auto-mount qualification
auto run|on remove no longer depends on auto-mount qualification
added auto run sensitivity
corrected click on desktop icon obeys 'Click runs executables'
corrected paste replace with linefeeds into multi-input
corrected reversed order of files copied onto clipboard
default plugin name converts spaces to hyphens
corrected icon view change show hidden doesn't update status bar
fixed segfault on open multiple files in File Search window results
fixed File Search results right-click on unselected selects
submitted gdk-pixbuf bug 670476 on segfault when loading drives.svg 3.2.0
allow rename of desktop items (desktop file Name[locale] value)
fixed rename desktop file, extension != desktop
fixed segfaults on desktop rename / delete / paste

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-02-21