0.5.5 released

added 100ms cache for inotify create/delete events
corrected keys not responding: Open|Choose, Open|In Panel|Next/Prev
corrected column size changing on new tab/panel
corrected column width save
if no folder spec on cmdline, open new window of same instance
removed gnome-icon-theme as recommended dep
reverted to single-click opens multiple files to fix drag/band breakage
mouse buttons 4 and 5 on file list go back and forward
mouse alt+left/right goes back/forward
fixed New|File/Folder not grayed when no write access
corrected broken close icon on tabs when gtk theme not set
don't install mount.rules if not hal build (data/Makefile.am)
corrected thumbnails for compact view not displayed
pref dlg removed "(applies to icon view only)" from Show Thumbnails
corrected refresh undisplays thumbnails
optional /etc/spacefm/spacefm.conf to set tmp_dir (default /tmp)
added additional default key shortcuts
added item count to confirm delete dlg

Posted by IgnorantGuru 2012-01-22

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